What Are Some Signs of Hearing Loss?

The signs and symptoms of hearing loss are different for different children.  If you see any of these signs, consult your child’s Doctor, Audiologist, Public Health Nurse, Child Development Center, or other Professional(s) you feel appropriate:

  • Does not startle, move, or cry in reaction to unexpected loud noises
  • Does not awaken to loud noises
  • Does not turn his/her head to the source of a sound
  • Pays attention to vibrating noises or noises that can be felt rather than heard
  • Does not freely imitate sound
  • Inconsistent response to sound
  • Does not say single words such as “dada” or “mama” by 1 year of age
  • Unclear speech
  • Turns up sound on TV or radio
  • Does not follow directions
  • Does not respond when called
  • Often says “huh”