Directory of Pediatric Audiology Diagnostic Clinics

Pediatric Audiology Specialty Clinics

The Wyoming Pediatric Audiology Specialty Clinic provides an opportunity for age appropriate hearing evaluations for Wyoming families with infants and toddlers who fail their newborn and/or late onset/periodic child hearing screenings.  The Specialty Clinic occurs approximately every six weeks throughout the year.

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Affiliate Clinics

Age appropriate hearing evaluations for infants and toddlers are also available at the following affiliate sites throughout the year.  The affiliate sites are operated independently by audiologists who work closely with the Wyoming Pediatric Specialty Clinic team.

**If you are calling an affiliate clinic to schedule an appointment for an infant that did not pass their newborn hearing screening, PLEASE request a two hour appointment with the audiologist.  This will allow enough time for the appropriate diagnostic tests [auditory brainstem response (click, tone, air, and bone ABR), auditory steady state response (ASSR), immittance using a high frequency probe tone and acoustic reflexes, and otoacoustic emissions] to be conducted. A 30 minute appointment is not enough time to do the evaluations that are needed for an infant’s initial diagnostic appointment.