Immittance Training

Audition / Hearing and Learning

Auditory Skill Development

Wyoming Early Hearing Detection and Intervention

Pediatric Audiology Evaluations

Hearing for the Lifespan

Hearing plays an integral role in a person’s speech-language and communication abilities throughout the lifespan.  The educational material provided here is intended to educate and inform parents, families, and professionals alike about hearing and hearing loss.

Early Intervention Guide

[Video] Immittance Training

In this six-part tutorial series you will be provided with a basic understanding of immittance screening as a part of the hearing screening protocol in the state of Wyoming. Pre and post-tests will mark the beginning and end of each … Continue

[Video] Auditory Skill Development

This tutorial offers a general guideline for Early Interventionists working on auditory skill development with Wyoming children who have moderate to profound hearing loss, and who are using cochlear implants and hearing aids. To receive continuing education credit for this … Continue

[Video] Audition/Hearing and Learning

In this course, learn about the role that audition/hearing plays in a child’s educational and developmental outcome and why hearing screenings, the 1-3-6 timeline, and early intervention are so important. To receive continuing education credit for this online course, please … Continue