Learn About Hearing Screenings

Why Should My Baby’s Hearing Be Screened?

More than half of babies born with hearing problems are healthy and have no family history of hearing loss. It is important to find hearing loss as soon as possible. The first year of life is critical to the development … Continue

What If My Baby Fails a Hearing Screening?

If your newborn baby does not pass her/his initial hearing screen, the roadmap below will help your family take the next steps.  If you need help navigating this roadmap or have questions, don’t hesitate to contact the Wyoming EHDI Program. … Continue

Understanding an Audiology Report

The Purpose of Audiology Reports: The purpose of an Audiology Report is to help parents, interventionists, and physicians understand an individual’s hearing status.  Sometimes it is difficult for an audiologist to write a report that is meaningful and useful to … Continue

Pediatric Audiology Evaluations

Newborn Hearing Screenings

Detecting hearing loss as early as possible is very important.  It is strongly recommended that all infants receive a hearing screening prior to being discharged from the hospital at the time of their birth.  In some states, including Wyoming, it … Continue