Acquired causes of hearing loss

There are many possible causes of hearing loss in children.  Some causes are congenital (present at birth), while others are acquired (cause of hearing loss happens sometime after birth).  Acquired hearing loss is also known as Late Onset Hearing Loss (LOHL).

  • Otitis Media (ear infections)
  • Collection of fluid in the middle ear
  • Perforated ear drum (may be causes by untreated ear infections, head injury, blow to the ear, or from poking something in the ear)
  • Blockage in the middle ear (usually caused by a build up of wax)
  • Diseases, viruses, infections (including Meningitis, Measles, Mumps, Chicken Pox, Influenza, etc)
  • Certain drugs and medications
  • Long term exposure to loud noises
  • Head trauma