What If My Baby Fails a Hearing Screening?

If your newborn baby does not pass her/his initial hearing screen, the roadmap below will help your family take the next steps.  If you need help navigating this roadmap or have questions, don’t hesitate to contact the Wyoming EHDI Program.  A printable/editable version of the roadmap is available here.



It is important that you follow through with any recommendations made by your Hospital Staff, Physician, Child Development Center Staff, EHDI Program Staff, and/or Audiologist.

Newborn Hearing Screening Protocol Procedures are as follows:

  • If your child fails his/her initial hearing screening, it is important that you schedule an appointment at the hospital for a rescreening 7-10 days after the initial screening.
  • If your child fails his/her hearing rescreen, please contact your child’s Primary Care Physician, birthing hospital Nursery Staff, or the Wyoming EHDI Program for information on scheduling an Infant Audiological Diagnostic Evaluation.

If your child is diagnosed with a hearing loss, it is crucial that an Early Intervention Plan is developed and implemented before six months of age 
If your baby does not pass the hearing screening, it is important that your baby’s care is right on time!  Just remember “1, 3, 6“:

  • Hearing Screening is completed by one month of age.
  • Hearing Evaluation is completed by three months of age.
  • Early Intervention Plan is in place by six months of age.